Some of the Best Vibrators in the World for Women

The world of female sex toys is a very comprehensively detailed one, and in 2017 there is an endless variety to choose from. With such a rather overwhelming range, it can be difficult knowing that to buy, and what to ignore.

When looking for the best vibrators for women, it is important to trust your body only with the most popular and high quality instruments, and the most successful companies are the ones that have designed the most comfortable and user-friendly vibrators.

Let us now look at some of the most popular models, both new and old.


From the genius duo behind Dame Products comes Eva, a hands-free rubber and silicone device that comes with no intrusive straps or handles. Eve fits snugly underneath a woman’s labia majora, and is held in place by wings that are flexible enough to accommodate any woman’s anatomy.

Eva brings an incredible level of vibrational stimulation to the clitoris, providing a massive boost to both alone time as well as sexual intercourse.

The Minna Limon

For women that have only just begun experimenting with sex toys, the Minna Limon is just what you need to successfully achieve a proper orgasm, meaning that the inexperienced user can easily get the best results without much knowhow.

The Minna Limon can be easily operated through squeezing, which adjusts or intensifies the intensity of vibrations. Do not underestimate its power due to its small size, this device can bring intense waves of vibration should you so desire.

The best part about the Minna Limon is that it has a memory system, meaning that it will remember the level of intensity you desire after a session of usage, providing the user with a highly personalised relationship.

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