10 Best London Day Tours

Are you coming to London for the first time? This global city is very much popular among travelers from all parts of the world. Besides popular monuments of historic significance, there are amazing places with several diversified themes like burglary, science-fiction, historic heritage. You will find plenty of things to suit everyone’s taste. With its popular landmarks and must watch iconic sights, there are several things that can overwhelm and excite visitors.

What are the different types of tours?

There are three categories of tour: 

  1. City tours,
  2. Along with sightseeing, dedicated tours provides drinks and food to visitors to make it more enjoyable
  3. And finally, day tours take you outside of the city. You will be shown different neighboring regions that can assist you in finding the best tour that matches to your varying holiday requirements effectively.


The Canterbury Cathedral is UNESCO World heritage site of Britain that reflects architectural styles from several different centuries.


This is an old town with charming and exemplary natural beauty. It provides picturesque rural settings with green reserves, quaint house. Inhaling fresh air and enjoying sounds from farm animals gives a relaxing feel.

Enjoy Lunch at Borough Market London

After spending some time at the Tower of London, you can leave to enjoy a delectable lunch at Borough Market. The lanes of this market are lined with grocers and food sellers that sell each and every type of food item. If you are a foodie, then it is really a great place to find different varieties of foods from all kinds of global cuisines. From popular falafel to spiced traditional Indian food, you will be grateful to get a delightful food experience in these cafes and restaurants.

Lake District

It is a mountainous region located in North West England. It is famous for natural features such as forest, lakes, etc. IT is the best place for nature lovers and hikers.


This city has the highest concentration of conserved historical buildings in entire England.


This is highly celebrated University towns in the whole of Europe. It has got several exquisite courtyards, and gardens.


Bath is the largest city that is popular for Roman-built baths. You will find some breathtaking experiences while exploring the gorgeous historical museums and galleries, entertainment venues, Romanesque architecture.


This is the official place of residence of the Royal family of Britain. This is the perfect day trip destination and can be comfortably reached by car, train or taxi.

Artifacts, Landmarks, and Shopping

You must not end your London trip without stopping at the British Museum. The rich artifacts shown here are free for the entire public. The museum starts at 10:00 a.m. everyday. Highlights include sculptures from the Parthenon, the Rosetta Stone, and a grand Egyptian collection that include mummies.  

Harry Potter Fans

Are you a fan of Harry Potter movies? If yes, then you must put this place in your tourist list at the top. Visit Warner Brothers and Harry Potter Studio. You will be taken to the fairylike sets of the book series and movies. You will be given four hours to see places such as Dumbledore’s Office, the Great Hall, Diagon Alley, etc.

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Conclusion Hope this beneficial London guide will help you with the best itinerary tips and ideas to make it an unforgettable London day trip experience.

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